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Will I be accepted for insurance?
How can I apply for insurance?
How can I pay for my insurance?
What about suspended or revoked drivers license?
How long will it take to receive my policy?
Can I have my policy shipped to my P.O. Box?

FAQsWill I be accepted for insurance?
For more than forty years, we have been serving coverage for Missouri residents. Our Missouri licensed agents and brokers maintain a working relationship with many major companies, this benefit all drivers. Drivers with less than perfect records and circumstances receive the same consideration as prefered drivers, with our help the effects of your violations, accidents etc. can be minimized. Back to Top

How can I apply for insurance?
The first step is completing the Quote Form or give us a call the processing department will forward your information to an underwriter for review. They will review yor information submitted., then will contact you to discus the coverages, limits, deductibles, available discounts and processing guidelines; therefore a personal touch is needed to finalize all the processing before submitting your application to the insurance company. Back to Top

How can I pay for my insurance?
Your choice of payments includes Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards are accepted, as wellas debit cards, which bear the Visa and MasterCard logo. You can also send personal checks, e-check, cashier check or money order, Please do not send cash. Once again the first step is to complete the Quote Form for review or give us a call, to determine which insurance company best suits your needs. Back to Top

Will I be able to get insurance?
Remember, we are a sign-up office connected with many different insurance companies, each insurance company have their own guidelines on accepting tickets, accidents, ect. When you complete the Quote Form or call our underwriters will review the insurance companies guidelines for accemptance. We will contact you with the details needed to submit your application to the insurance company that give you the best deal. Back to Top

What about suspended or revoked drivers license?
We have associates working in Jefferson City that can have daily in person contact with Department of Revenue, (Drivers License Department). We are capable of submitting SR22 (Proof of Financial Responsibilty), reinstatement fees, Hardship License Application, Limited Driving Privilege, Installment Agreements, release of Judgements or other necessary form to secure reinstatement of license. In most cases reinstatement is secured within 36 to 72 hours. Go to License Recovery for more information. Back to Top

How long will it take to receive my policy?
When all the information needed to submit your application to the insurance company that best fit your needs. You should receive your temporary ID Card after submitting and processing your application. The policy within 2 or 3 weeks depending on the company that will isue your policy. Back to Top

Shipping FAQs

How long will it take to receive my policy?
The standard mailing time for policies sent is 10-20 days. Back to Top

Can I use a Post Office Box for my insurance transactions?
Yes. The vast majority of our applications need a valid street address to ensure the garaging address of the vehicle. If a P.O. Box is used as a mailing address, a street address is also needed. Back to Top

Can I ship my order to a different address?
Yes! When you submit your application, just note the mailing address for all correspondence. Remember to list garaging address of the vehicle(s), a Post Office Box can be used as the mailing address. Back to Top

When is the best time to review my auto insurance policy?
The best time review your policy with Premier Underwriter Service Agency, is RIGHT NOW! ESPECIALLY IF YOUíRE PREMIUM HAS GONE UP! If itís time to renew your policy, if there is a youthful driver that caused a major increase in the policy premium, or if a listed driver on your policy has a suspended or revoked drivers license. A lesson to take to heart is, auto insurance premiums for the exact same vehicle, for the exact same coverage have a wide variance (some by hundreds of dollars) by different insurers due to the insuredís violations, and accidents history. Back to Top

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