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To help you prepare for life’s challenges, Premier Underwriter Service Agency offers a wide range of services for families and individuals who are seeking financial protection and peace of mind. We service the entire state of Missouri.


Car Insurance

Most homes today have two are more vehicles; Our Service can assist you in reviewing all your Auto Insurance Coverage's. We have a working relationship with many different Insurance Companies. If you think you are "PAYING TOO MUCH" due to violation, accidents, problems drivers or if you are being canceled or non-renewed, let Premier-USA Auto Insurance be the one you call. There is an insurance company for you at a favorable price. We also handle suspended or revoked drivers, Sr22 Filings. Most Reinstatements requests can be done within 36 to 72 hours through our LICENSE RECOVERY SERVICE. For more Information See Our Related link.

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  Homeowner Insurance

No matter the size, your home is most likely one of your biggest investment. Premier Underwriter Service Agency offers a variety of homeowner plans.

We offer Missouri home insurance, vacant property insurance for investment properties and insurance upgrades for high value homeowner's, as well as supplemental plans. Missouri Fire & Dwelling insurance, personal liability insurance, home business insurance and upgrade insurance plans are also available. We have several options to protect most Missouri homeowner’s.You can package the coverages that best suite your needs. If you are having a problem with the high cost of Missouri homeowner insurance, recent claims, or just unfavorable price We are your solution. 

The 3 Basic Homeowners Policies

HO-1. Basic homeowner stuff. Home insurance quotes of this type cover your dwelling and personal property against losses from 11 types of perils: fire or lightning; windstorm or hail; explosion; riot or civil commotion; aircraft; vehicles; smoke; vandalism or malicious mischief; theft; damage by glass or safety glazing material that is part of a building; and, volcanic eruption.

HO-2. Basic homeowner stuff plus some. Covers dwelling and personal property against 11 perils plus six more: falling objects; weight of ice, snow or sleet; three categories of water-related damage from home utilities or appliances; and electrical surge damage.

HO-3. Extended or special homeowner stuff. One of the best home owners insurance, this covers 17 stated perils plus any other peril not specified in your policy, except for flood, earthquake, war, and nuclear accident.

No Credit Check

You can rest assured that some home insurance instant quotes process does not require a credit check and a social security number is not needed. We utilize a simple quoting process that gives you the home owner to control the coverage's the best fit you budget. In some cases a credit check will provide a possible lower quote.

A Fast and Easy Quote – Buy Home Insurance Online

Let us find you cheap home insurance online by getting you free home insurance quotes from the top insurers in your area. With many different home owners insurance companies available. Click on the link below for your free home insurance instant quote available it is easy to compare house insurance quotes available for you. 

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  Life Insurance and Annuities

Life insurance can provide you and your family with financial security for the future. Your individual life insurance needs depend on age, health, financial responsibilities, and your personal goals. Premier Underwriter Service Agency offers universal life insurance policies designed to meet the individual needs of all of our clients.

Purchasing annuities allows you to put away your money, and not to worry about paying taxes on the interest until withdrawal. Premier Underwriter Service Agency offers both fixed and variable annuities. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about how annuities can become an income for your retirement.

Level Term Life Insurance can provide financial protection for temporary obligations or can provide an option for protection in a time when permanent life insurance is unaffordable. You could also choose to supplement a new or existing permanent life insurance plan with Level Term Life Insurance. Conversion to a permanent plan at a later date may be allowed.

The minimum issue amount of Level Term Life is $100,000.

Three policies are available offering a guaranteed level premium for either 10, 20 or 30 years depending on the policy term you choose.

Issue Ages:

  • 10 Year Term - 18-64
  • 20 Year Term - 18-60
  • 30 Year Term - 18-502
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